Achievements 2010-2020

eseia is proud of training the next generation of energy transition managers and specialists. The eseia ETP trained 500 people in 25 courses in ten years. Furthermore, ETP featured four brokerage events and four eseia bi-annual conferences, which reached another 500 participants. Altogether the eseia ETP welcomed more than 1,000 participants.

In total, the eseia ETP offered four cooperative learning formats the 14 International Summer Schools (ISS), 6 Interdisciplinary Student Camps (ISC), three Pilot Plant Courses (PPC), and 2 professional training courses.

In the past ten years, many of these courses were answering to training needs of the bio-based industry. The best lectures are available in the eseia open-access library online.

The eseia Working Group on Education and Training led by Ion Visa from UTBv was responsible for detecting skills gaps, developing new cooperative formats, and for ensuring the highest quality of the eseia ETP.

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