eseia Best Lecture Library

The eseia Best Lecture Library is a collection of top lectures on sustainable energy systems. This online library groups a variety of different types of resources and materials targeted at sustainability education, and was funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research.

All the hands-on training sessions included in the eseia Best Lecture Library were delivered in the framework of the STYRIAN ACADEMY for Sustainable Energies, supported by the Styrian Government in Austria. Started in the summer of 2010, with an International Business Training Seminar at the TU Graz, Austria, this initiative was targeted at narrowing the gap between scientific research and practical, applied knowledge, so that its participants could benefit from usable knowledge and a deeper form of learning. Since 2013, the Styrian Academy for Sustainable Energies has been continued by the eseia Education and Training Programme.

The eseia Best Lecture Library combines five areas of crucial relevance to the challenge of ensuring sustainable energy in the European countries and regions, namely Sustainable Smart Cities, Regional Integrated Energy Development, Societal Energy, Energy Storage and Smart Grids, and EU Project Management, a cross-cutting field.